About Us

Using JCDM’s services assures you, the owner, the most cost-effective method of developing your new facility. The following highly interactive steps would be followed in completing the project:

1) Owner, Project Architect, and JCDM meet and determine design criteria, needs, parameters, considerations and items that are needed in present facility in order to establish a program.

2) JCDM and Project Architect meet and conduct site reviews, then prepare conceptual schematics. JCDM budgets costs based on program, site review and conceptual schematics.

3) Owner reviews preliminary schematics and provides further input on needs.

4) Project Architect oversees design development drawings as JCDM prepares revised budget for owner approval.

5) JCDM continues value analysis of project specifications to achieve lowest cost, highest benefit, quality and value while working drawings are being produced by Project Architect.

6) Working drawings are completed by architect. Competitive bids, schedules and budgets based on working drawings are completed by JCDM and approved by Owner.

7) Construction commences.

8) JCDM schedules walk-throughs with the Owner and provides project status reports during the construction phase.

9) JCDM coordinates with Owner on furniture and fixture installation along with grand opening schedule.

10) Owner opens its doors to the public!

Many of the above items can occur simultaneously depending on scheduled opening.


Whether a client’s facility requirements are large or small, JCDM recognizes his need for quality, economical and timely construction. Our experience enables us to design and manage projects efficiently and quickly to help clients achieve early recovery of their capital investment.

Our knowledge and use of state-of-the-art technology in building operating systems, plus our commitment to quality and cost efficiency enables us to meet our clients unique needs.
Architecture is a people business… This company’s success is directly related to the commitment of our people to the satisfaction of our clients.

Integrity, innovation, tradition, trust. These qualities, plus our record of quality, economical and timely construction have been responsible for our success.

JCDM is dedicated to Owner satisfaction, and referral clients are evidence of our success. The JCDM company method of operation provides a proven management plan, experienced personnel and procedures specially suited for each project.

JCDM’s desire for excellence stems from our own corporate philosophy. We achieve that level of workmanship by relying on teamwork. The result is a strong, unified approach in which owner, architect and contractor work together toward the same goal of building the best structure in the shortest time for the least money.

JCDM’s success is a result of our commitment to quality, economical, timely construction and commitment to the communities in which we build. Early in our history, we began gaining our present prominence as an innovative, progressive construction manager because of our pre-construction services and application of new construction techniques. This tradition continues as JCDM meets the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

The availability of pre-construction services provided by a knowledgeable, experienced construction manager is the most important reason for using our approach. It is a recognized fact within the industry that the time during which a project’s cost, schedule and quality can be most affect is the pre-construction phase. The potential for cost savings far exceeds the fee structure for construction managers or general contractors. Properly provided, pre-construction services cause the most significant savings in both time and savings to an Owner.