About Us

Using JCDM/Architecture’s services assures you, the Owner, that your new facility meets your demanding critera. The following collaborative steps are typically followed in completing your project:

1) Owner, JCDM/Architecture, Contractor (if needed) and relevant stake-holders meet and determine design criteria, needs, parameters, and other considerations in order to establish an overall vision for the project.

2) JCDM/Architecture conducts necessary site reviews, then prepares conceptual schematics. At this stage, JCDM/Architecture can provide a construction cost opinion as an additional service, based on the program, site review and conceptual schematics developed.

3) Owner reviews preliminary schematics and provides further input on needs. 3-D renderings and possibly videos can be produced at this stage for capital campaigns and funding efforts as an additional service.

4) Project Architect oversees design development drawings; at this stage, a Contractor can be invited to prepare a construction budget for owner approval.

5) Construction Documents produced by Project Architect, Consultants, Designers, and Vendors as needed (the “Design Team”).

6) Construction Documents are completed by the Design Team. Competitive bids, schedules and budgets based on construction documents are completed by the Contractor and approved by Owner.

7) Contracts are prepared for review, negotiation, and approval, while the Construction Documents are submitted to permitting authorities.

8) JCDM/Architecture schedules walk-throughs with the Owner and the Contractor, who provides project status reports during the construction phase.

9) JCDM/Architecture coordinates with Owner on furniture and fixture installation along with grand opening schedule.

10) After final punch-lists are prepared by the Contractor and Completed, Owner opens its doors to the public!

Some of the above items can occur simultaneously depending on scheduled opening.


Whether a client’s facility requirements are large or small, JCDM/Architecture recognizes their need for quality, economical and timely service. Our experience enables us to design and manage projects efficiently and quickly.

Our knowledge and use of state-of-the-art technology in building design, plus our commitment to quality and cost efficiency enables us to meet our clients unique needs.
Architecture is a people business… This company’s success is directly related to the commitment of our people to the satisfaction of our clients.

Integrity, innovation, respect, trust. These qualities, plus our record of quality, economical and timely service have been responsible for our success.

JCDM/Architecture is dedicated to Owner satisfaction, and referral clients are evidence of our success.